TutuApp provides the best and the most popular iOS and Android Hacked apps & games.
No need Jailbreak
It can be installed without jailbreaking the device.
Paid Apps
Access apps or games that cost you money at no additional cost.
Stable Update
Apps and games are regularly updated to keep them up to date.
Cheat Engine
Ability to modify in-game values, such as gold coins, diamonds, health, etc.
How to use TutuApp desktop version?
  • 1.
    Download and install the corresponding version of TutuApp on the computer.
  • 2.
    Please connect your Apple device to your PC.
  • 3.
    Click 'Trust' on your Apple device.
  • 4.
    Bind an Apple ID.
  • 5.
    Note: The desktop version of TutuApp requires an Apple ID.
  • 6.
    After the binding is completed, you can select the application in the application list to download and install it.
  • 7.
    After the installation is complete, open the iOS settings on the iOS device:Settings - General - VPN&Device Manage - Find the corresponding file certificate and click Trust.
How to using TutuApp and Troubleshooting.
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